Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Have Impact Online - Google

Launching and Amplifying your Impact Across Social Channels

Welcome to the new marketing world.. The world where your big claims are doubted and customers believe not what you say - but what others say about you.

"The digital and social revolution has empowered consumers with technology, which has given them access to all the information in the world. Consumers now have a powerful voice: what matters most today isn't what you say about your brand--it's what consumers say about it. Brands can influence that conversation, but they can't control it. This is the New Normal. 

To succeed in the New Normal, brands must use social and digital to transform their businesses. Their challenge is to create new interactive brand experiences that consumers connect with and want to share. That is the key to ROI, and what we'll be discussing in this live webinar.

This webinar is presented by Maya Grinberg, Chief Evangelist, Social Media Manager at Wildfire by Google."

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