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Facebook Marketing For Local Business

Almost everyone it seems now is on Facebook.  For a business there is a significant difference in having a personal Facebook account, and using Facebook effectively (and within the FB rules) for business purposes.

From the business point of view there are real advantages to using the correct Page to promote your business. Number one being that your personal page used for business can - and ultimately will be deleted with no recourse and no notice. Many have grown a large personal following to find that they have nothing when they next log in.  Using a personal profile for business is a violation of the Facebook rules which is clearly stated.  But set up properly, you can be building your fan base steadily and with no restrictions on numbers who can Like your Page!

Still many business Pages are not set up correctly or not using the potential that is available to really make the most of their page.  Content in the form of posts, appropriate images and timing of posts as well as engagement with the community is essential in order to  get the most from being on Facebook. The essential key that is also often missing is integration with the website and blog and off-line promotions.

 If you're feeling confused and like using Facebook for your business is just too much to fathom, call me on 0403 365 855.

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