Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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For any business, informing the public that you are in business, where you are located and what products and services you provide is key to being successful.

Once upon a time we did this through word of mouth, advertising in the newspapers and on TV and radio.

We still need to do this but now we have more options.

You'll have noticed that the newspaper industry is going through a lot of turmoil now. That's because the area that made the most money for them, is drying up. Classifieds are not generating the profit that they used to bring into the newspaper.

What does that mean for business? It is a clue to what's happening in the marketplace. Why are the newspapers not selling so many classified ads? Because the marketplace - customers - are looking elsewhere to find out about what they will buy.

Customers are looking on the internet to find out about what is available, what works best, what price should it be and who they know who has one.  Searches directly on  Google are one way that we research now. Asking our friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is another way.

Our blog is the key to getting our information out to the marketplace - all the things that we want customers to know about our services and products, and why they should do business with us.

  • Our blog gives us the place to put that information and update it regularly.
  • Our blog creates a link that can be shared on the social platforms like Facebook or G+
  • Our blog is the space where we can continually share new stories about the business. Where customers can get to know us, know what our values are, what we are great at.

Just like having our own media and public relations office, our blog allows us to  expand our reach and answer all those questions that customers need to make a good purchase decision and to feel welcome to do business with us.

Next time we'll look at how we can approach content marketing using a blog.

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