Thursday, June 21, 2012

Social Media Training in Newcastle

are you confused about social media marketing for business

Is your business using social media yet to promote your services and products? One of the key areas for this to be effective is in developing a network and a channel that you can use to communicate with people who can use what you do. Many business owners are confused and feel like this social media stuff is just too hard. In fact it is not hard just new. And like anything new it helps to get the training to save you the time that it takes to learn this stuff the hard way.

Now mind, that good use of social media marketing for business is not the same as barking ads at people! Nobody follows us to be abused and  bombarded with junk ... not in their letterbox and not online.  But you can raise interest in your products, reach friends of your existing network who until now were not accessible and extend your reach into the marketplace more effectively.

This doesn't necessarily replace your existing marketing, but should support it and your business and extend the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.

Even for those businesses who decide not to use social media, it's vital to have a good understanding of how it works and how you can manage your reputation online. Remember - you might not be online but customers are and they talk. They talk about the good stuff sometimes. Sometimes they talk about the bad stuff. You need to know when that is happening... and what to do to counter it. And that might not be the way you expect.


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