Sunday, March 31, 2013

No Photos In Your Shop Means No Free Publicity

Interesting day at the Hunter Valley over the weekend. Great to see the shops busy with customers and the weather obliging us with clear a and sunny day.

My visitor was up from Sydney so I thought a trip to the vineyards would be a good way to show off the local area and let her see some places she'd never been before.

Since we are both involved heavily in social media we were interested to see how the different businesses are   approaching their promotion online and especially the sharing of attractive photos of the local establishments and surroundings, with friends on Facebook and Twitter and the like.

As were were snapping photos like so many others to share with friends, one store owner was obviously deeply concerned should someone take a photograph of their window display. Now I  have seen this attitude before and one level I can understand that it may seem to be a prudent thing to want to protect one's image... except that the benefits of promoting your best features is really what marketing is all about. This preciousness about keeping one's stock or concept in business 'secret' seems to belong to another era.

On the positive side, another business was only too happy to okay a photo and supplied a big smile to go with it along with at great sample of the chocolate port - just the thing to partner with a rich dessert.
That photo of course will be posted to their Facebook page with a nice comment, and may be shared with any number of other people from that point out. This can lead to really big numbers of people who see the photo, know there is a store with friendly service that is comfortable with new media and more people than even who will be aware that they exist now.

If you're making designer apparel it's probably something you want to keep private at least until it is in the stores but generally speaking, there is a better than even chance that photos of your business showing off your good work at setting up your attractive displays, is something to encourage people to share.

Do you allow photos in your business? Please add a comment if you do, or if you don't and a little about why  that's your policy.

Update: Here's an article from way back in 2007 that speaks to this issue - worth a read. "As Seth Godin says, “In an experience economy, where a bear workshop or furniture superstore is a form of tourism, photography is part of the deal.”
Seth smartly points out a paradox of pictures exists with retailers that deliver remarkable in-store experiences. Retailers want you to remark about your shopping experiences but not with actual pictures, only with words written and/or spoken."


Still on matters around photography, here is an article on Snapchat - billed as the solution to uninvited sharing of sexting photos. It may not be the solution some hope. 

Snapchat, a photo-sharing app, has seen massive growth since launching last year in September.We are convinced that that runaway growth has a lot to do with features that make it ideal for sexting, or sharing risqué photos of yourself with friends.
Or “friends,” we should say, who might suddenly turn around and share those photos with others or post them online.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Those Other Facebook Messages

Rudolph Valentino 

Good grief check out this idiotic message in my Other messages on Facebook.These are messages sent by people who are not connected to you. . 

Yes has definitely read my profile. NOT 

"hello sweet angel, how are you doing? am attracted by your pleasant beauty when i came across your profile. my heart panted at the glance of your undeniable cuteness. can i get to know you."

Here is another:

"My name is Joseph and i am quite new on Facebook, i guess you are at the right frame of mind while reading my message because i do care about your reaction to my mode of contacting you and i sincerely mean no harm , i just want to know more about you if you don't mind..

I am a single father with a background of a strong christian home and God is at the center point of my life, am also extremely thoughtful person and pretty loyal too, very outgoing and upfront about most good things in life, just want to live life to the fullest, i hope to get a response from you because i find your profile interesting and besides you showed up as a suggested friend on my page, so i will seat back and keep my fingers crossed anticipating your response, God bess you"

Now what is this? Who knows. 

Whatever it is - and it happens all the time - they are not people with any interest in you. 

They know nothing about you and have something else in mind other than what is in your interests. 

Delete these scammers and never for a moment entertain the idea that they are genuine. 

For more information on scams and dating check out

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Social Shame By Association

 Frank Gallagher: On UK Show Shameless. Photograph: Channel 4

Facebook and social media platforms can be a fun place to hang out. Lots of people are using FB in their spare time when they are relaxing, having a joke and sharing a few laughs. Some are having a drink or three. Here's a funny picture we'll Like that. Oh yes it is in bad taste but it's funny!

Then there are the special interest pages. Some are local. Some are for business. Some are for less friendly reasons. Indeed, some are just there to trash the reputations of people those who run the page feel like badmouthing.

Reputation is a funny thing. It can be damaged easily and sometimes through no fault of our own. It is easy to rubbish people online and seems to be quite common for this to happen without any genuine cause of proof of wrongdoing.

But it isn't just those who are slandered and reported badly online whose reputations are affected. Those who venture to such sites and click that Like button, send a message that is visible to every single connected person they have and potentially visible to their friends, or even public to the world.

Be careful what you put your name to. Make it something of which you might be proud  The world is watching you.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Visitor Reviews Newcastle NSW

Still wondering what role social media plays for business and promotion of a city? Check out this visitor video that was posted to YouTube and you'll begin to see how important online reviews and sharing can be.

The sharing can be of a good story - or a bad one. It's up to everyone to ensure they are on top of their game so that the stories that get shared make you look your best.

Have you given some thought to how your business or environment is showing up online?

And remember - you can add your content to the videos available for people to find.