Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Those Other Facebook Messages

Rudolph Valentino 

Good grief check out this idiotic message in my Other messages on Facebook.These are messages sent by people who are not connected to you. . 

Yes has definitely read my profile. NOT 

"hello sweet angel, how are you doing? am attracted by your pleasant beauty when i came across your profile. my heart panted at the glance of your undeniable cuteness. can i get to know you."

Here is another:

"My name is Joseph and i am quite new on Facebook, i guess you are at the right frame of mind while reading my message because i do care about your reaction to my mode of contacting you and i sincerely mean no harm , i just want to know more about you if you don't mind..

I am a single father with a background of a strong christian home and God is at the center point of my life, am also extremely thoughtful person and pretty loyal too, very outgoing and upfront about most good things in life, just want to live life to the fullest, i hope to get a response from you because i find your profile interesting and besides you showed up as a suggested friend on my page, so i will seat back and keep my fingers crossed anticipating your response, God bess you"

Now what is this? Who knows. 

Whatever it is - and it happens all the time - they are not people with any interest in you. 

They know nothing about you and have something else in mind other than what is in your interests. 

Delete these scammers and never for a moment entertain the idea that they are genuine. 

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