Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Social Shame By Association

 Frank Gallagher: On UK Show Shameless. Photograph: Channel 4

Facebook and social media platforms can be a fun place to hang out. Lots of people are using FB in their spare time when they are relaxing, having a joke and sharing a few laughs. Some are having a drink or three. Here's a funny picture we'll Like that. Oh yes it is in bad taste but it's funny!

Then there are the special interest pages. Some are local. Some are for business. Some are for less friendly reasons. Indeed, some are just there to trash the reputations of people those who run the page feel like badmouthing.

Reputation is a funny thing. It can be damaged easily and sometimes through no fault of our own. It is easy to rubbish people online and seems to be quite common for this to happen without any genuine cause of proof of wrongdoing.

But it isn't just those who are slandered and reported badly online whose reputations are affected. Those who venture to such sites and click that Like button, send a message that is visible to every single connected person they have and potentially visible to their friends, or even public to the world.

Be careful what you put your name to. Make it something of which you might be proud  The world is watching you.

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