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Passion - is that all you need to run a successful business?  You need more than just passion. Read blog post
Listen to audio: May 7 2013  #podcast #business #coaching #articles

Mothers Day reflection - Australia listed in the top ten places to be a mother  - the only non European country to make the list. Tips on how to negotiate sharing time with your kids when parents are caring for your children.
Listen to audio: May 13 2013  #podcast #life #coaching #articles

Lindy Asimus talks on Business Coaching and life coaching - what's it about? How to improve your business to be in the group that is making the most of their business. Telstra report reveals only 24 per cent of the 1000 small and medium businesses surveyed have embraced social media.Read the blog post
Listen to audio: April 8 2013 #podcast #business  #coaching #articles

Trusted advisor: Some interesting results in a survey released by Business Review Weekly has some good news and bad news for accountants and financial services in Australia. Why SMEs still trust accountants over financial planners.      Read the blog post
Listen to audio: April 15 2013  #podcast #business #coaching  #articles

How to demotivate your employees! 9 Ways guaranteed to drive motivation down in your business. 

Listen to audio:  April 22 2013  #podcast #business #coaching #articles

Understand your customers to improve your business. Read blog post
Listen to audio: April 29 2013  #podcast #business # coaching #articles

Getting Your Story out to customers - and Johnny Cupcakes! The T Shirt Shop that looks and smells like a bakery - but has no cupcakes to buy Read the blog post 
Listen to audio: Getting your story out to the market   #podcast #business #coaching #articles

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