Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kinect To Email Empowers Stroke Sufferer

While some are still living in the past and denying that the world has changed, others are getting on with it and using the technology to empower and enable friends, family and others to do what was once impossible and is now a part of daily life. 

From Techcrunch

Hacker Uses A Kinect To Help His Mom Email After A Stroke

Chad Ruble’s mother suffers from aphasia due to a stroke. She hasn’t been able to use a keyboard for years because she is simply unable to recognize text. In order to help her, he built a Kinect-enabled interface that lets her move her hand around a series of simple icons – happy, sad, upset, etc. – and other icons that signify degree.
After swiping around the screen a bit, she was finally able to send an email using a few simple hand motions. 

If you don't open your mind to learn about new uses for technology and communication, someone close to you may be missing out on something that would change their world. 

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