Monday, October 29, 2012

Myths And Truths About Social Media

This is an interesting article as it speaks to some of the regular myths and silly nonsense that I see all the time. Often from those purporting to be "social media gurus".  So instead of me writing more of the same, here's someone else with the 'good oil'.

Starting with the first myth... which reminds us again what social media marketing is. In case you have not considered this - it is Inbound Marketing.

Here are the top 5 myths that your supervisor, manager, or CEO likely believes about social media, along with some strategies to enlighten them.

1.    Myth:  Social Media Is Free, Right?  

This is the most common fantasy about social media out there – that it is free, just because there is no cost to set up an account on social media.  This is a huge myth!  Establishing your business on one or more social media networks takes an investment of financial and human capital.

Truth:  It is true that social media marketing aka inbound marketing, costs less per lead than traditional outbound marketing.  According to Hubspot, social media costs an average of 60% less than traditional outbound marketing.  In order to leverage your efforts, make sure to connect your marketing strategies, traditional and social. Use your other marketing efforts to promote your social presence, and use your social presence to promote your traditional marketing efforts.

You can read the other myths here

What do you know about social media that turned out to be a myth? What do you think you know about social media that might still be a myth? And how do you separate the myths from the truth of social media? There is some great news and it is true. Find out the difference.

There are a great many benefits to using social media to keep your business relevant and visible where customers are looking for products and services.  If you'd like some help with that, give me a call on 0403 365 855 - Lindy

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