Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Todd Sampson on Social Media For Business

“If you do not have a digital footprint as a business or individual, I instantly don’t trust you. 
I instantly think you’re hiding something,” 

 - Todd Sampson

From the #digitalsummit in Melbourne 31 October 2013

"Brands that don't embrace mobile "will be totally irrelevant," says Todd Sampson and a panel of digital experts in Sydney

Sixty-six million years ago, a meteorite hit the Earth and it killed nearly all of the dinosaurs,” said Todd Sampson, well-known CEO of Leo Burnett Australia and the host of ABC programme Redesign Your Brain during a panel session at the event on 31 October.

“Technically, the dinosaurs were dead when the meteorite had hit, but they didn’t know and they lived on for a period of time before they eventually died. You could argue that digital meteorite has already hit the majority of businesses in our country and around the world, and most of them are actually dead - they just don't know it yet."
The new generation is obsessed with mobile, Sampson continued. “If you as a business are not in that space, you will be totally irrelevant. You will not even be remotely considered for anything.”
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