Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Digital Marketing Driving Sales For Local Business

As online sales increase and some retailers begin to reap the benefits of additional sales from sectors that once would have been out of reach, it is time for those who are not yet active to get organised.

Facebook is a channel that is driving sales for some products but many businesses are missing out because they have yet to establish a shopping cart or a presence for the business online.

Local businesses have a ton of opportunity to bring their business online and make their website a Shop Window to the world, but they need some work and budget to make that possible.

Smartphones and Tablets for shopping online

Mobile phones and tablets are the growing sector for viewing and making purchases online and local business can benefit by making their business functional and easy to find by users. This is especially true for those with products aimed at the 30 and under demographic. Yet many businesses have not geared their website to be optimised for mobile browsing.

According to industry reports video advertising and video viewing also continued in 2013, and will grow consistently for the next five or so years according to industry trends. 

Marketing for your business should be taking into account these buying trends and in presenting your business to compete in today's market means treating your online business face like you would do for your shopfront. This is just part of doing business now and preparing the face of your business, as well as the substance of your business to deliver promptly, and products that customers want to buy, while making it easy for them to find your offers and make a purchase is now part of every business manager's responsibility and opportunity.

Focus on these online areas for increased sales

In approaching your business activities for increasing sales driven by online activity, some areas you need to cover off on are:

  • digital marketing content strategy
  • social media optimization
  • increasing and improving search and online display
  • website content development
  • budgeting for this part of the business

Australia is leading the region for online sales but recent reports show that there is still insufficient investment and a lack of skills is preventing business from making the most productive use of digital marketing.

This is an exciting time and those who prepare well will certainly reap the rewards.

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