Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting Started With Content Marketing

What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is the name given to the combined activities that generate information geared to appeal, entertain, or inform those interested in a topic, and provide the basis of keeping a website 'fresh' and aiding in the business or individual being visible online. Content can be across different online platforms such as social media - eg Facebook, Linkedin, blog, or website. 


Context is matching the content appropriate to the business and the interests of the target demographic. When you have quality Content that is fit for purpose and on target so far as the context goes, you greatly improve your chances of being found online by those you want to find you.  You also demonstrate your expertise and attention to the important issues for those with an interest in what you do. 

A Content Marketing Strategy

To get this right you need to approach this as you would any other business project. With a plan written and a developed well-formed strategy with actions and activities organised to achieve your purpose. 

If you would like help with that give me a call. 

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