Sunday, May 24, 2015

How To Create A Pinterest Board For Your Business

Businesses can get great value by using Pinterest to promote interest in their business.  Forget what you heard about Pinterest being just for craft-mad women, all you need to know for your business is that Pinterest is a search engine and helps drive customers to products they like and want to buy. 

Select A Heading For Your Board

Choosing a heading for your board is the first step when you begin to set up your Pinterest account. You want simple headings that say what is on the board so that people searching for that topic can find it.  Don't be clever - search engines are literal and don't interpret your clever titles they just ignore them if they are not a match for the person's search query. 

To create a new board on Pinterest just log into your account and use the box on the left hand side to click and set up a new board. 

Add a description to your Pinterest board

A description is important. It builds on the relevancy for the board in search and tells people what to expect to find there. If your business serves a local customer base make sure you add your location so that people know where these lovely pictures and articles you are pinning to the board are. If they don't know they can't know if it is somewhere they might actually get to. 

Add your location if you serve customers in the local region

I see a lot of wineries, resorts, restaurants, cafes and local businesses that neglect to add their location and contact telephone number which are important for people to have so they know they can buy easily.   If you ship products say so, and specify where you will ship to so customers can try on the idea of making a purchase through your store. 

You can see on this image where the description fits when the board has been edited.

Make it easy for search engines to find your Pinterest board

Below is the pop-up window that opens to edit your board. From here you can set or change the title for the board, add the description, change the image that shows in your board gallery for this board and select a category for the content. This helps with search.

Notice there is only one contributor to this board. Later we will see that another has been added.

If a map is appropriate you can set this but this will only be if the board is all about a single location.  You can test the look and change it back if you don't like it. 

See that there has been a collaborator added to this board - which means that you still manage the account but the invited person can add pins to your board. 

Once the invited person has accepted your invitation, you can see there are now two accounts showing on this board who can contribute pins. Only the board owner has access to change the description. 

Like to know more about using Pinterest for your business?  Use the contact form and ask your question.

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