Sunday, July 29, 2012

Google Secrets Revealed

 A new index status feature has been added to Google's Webmaster Tools.

What does this mean? The Googlebot travels the web and collects the new data as it is posted online. This is the critical element that sniffs out and finds your information (you hope!) and makes it possible for your site to come up when there is a search for what you want to be found on. 

This from the site:

 Since Googlebot was born, webmasters around the world have been asking one question: Google, oh, Google, are my pages in the index? Now is the time to answer that question using the new Index Status feature in Webmaster Tools. Whether one or one million, Index Status will show you how many pages from your site have been included in Google’s index.

Index Status is under the Health menu. After clicking on it you’ll see a graph like the following:

There are many free tools that are available to use for webmasters and site owners so make sure you are using everything you can to give you the critical information you need to track  your performance  online and make the most of the opportunity to get your business found online. 

Read the full release here.

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