Monday, July 23, 2012

Wine Industry Blogging

The international wine industry is getting behind wineries and opening the competition for best wine blog.

Now this is interesting because it reveals that somebody in this industry is taking notice of the importance of getting your wine online and producing not just great wine but fantastic entertaining and informative content on the web about the wineries and the wines they produce and all the stories that relate to the industry.

Kudos to the wine industry for recognizing this important aspect of social marketing, and the people who are making an effort to do it well.

You can find their list of wine blogs here 
Wolf Blas has made the finalist list I understand.
Here are the categories:
  • Best Original Photography or Video on a Wine Blog
  • Best Single Subject Wine Blog
  • Best Industry/Business Wine Blog
  • Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog
  •  Best Writing On a Wine Blog
  •  Best New Wine Blog
  •  Best Overall Wine Blog
So why might you blog?

Here is a comment from the site that might give you some insight..

"I am a 59 yr old married female living in So. CA. who believe it or not is new to the wine scene. I decided to visit my local wine store with the idea to try a new wine each week. It didn"t take long to realize that I was in over my head. Going home empty handed, I knew that I needed to go on line for help. While surfing different sites and blogs I came across a most delightful and informative blog, At first I was drawn to the photos and Courtney's quirky sence of humor. After following her blog for months I realized she takes wine seriously and really knows her stuff. I am never dissappointed when buying the various wines she suggests in her blog..."

What's your favourite Australian - and Hunter Valley wine blog?

Maybe you will write it. 

 The wine industry is just one example of blogging for your business. Look at your industry and think how you could be doing this too.

When will you start sharing your stories on your blog?

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