Wednesday, April 3, 2013

75 Percent Of Small Businesses Missing Out

"Nearly three quarters of small and medium businesses in Australia are failing to use social media as a marketing tool, research conducted by Telstra shows.
The report reveals only 24 per cent of the 1000 small and medium businesses surveyed have embraced social media.
A further 12 per cent also believed social media actually dampened business success.
Telstra Business group managing director Will Irving said with 62 per cent of adults worldwide now using social media, businesses ignoring this powerful tool were missing out.
"In a digital age where smartphones and tablets are used on a daily basis, we know customers expect a company to have a social media presence," he said." reported today in  Business Spectator article
Your business needs you to be out there where the customers are not just relying on those who somehow stumble upon your business during the hours it is open.

Starting Point
  1. Kick your website into gear. Make sure it is optimised for people and for search engines. 
  2. Dedicate a budget to your marketing online. 
  3. Get your story straight on what it is that you're good at and why customers will be glad they bought from you.
  4. Get active with a well planned but flexible strategy for making your presence visible online using your website and social media platforms that are a fit,  such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and more. 
 The platform that will work best for your product line will depend on many variables, not the least of which is the amount of personal effort you are committed to spend on it - or delegate to someone with experience in business use of social media.

This is bare minimum stuff. Part of that 'cost of doing business'

Ready to join the businesses who are making the online world an additional sales channel?

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