Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Local Businesses Online: Articles

Some interesting articles this week that are useful for owners of local businesses to understand some new trends. These articles just in are great examples of the changing ways that businesses do business and the importance of to any business in keeping up with the changes. 

These changes are not just in marketing, they are reflected all across the business and the way that businesses must learn to operate in this age using technology and responding to the requirements of those customers they want to have spend money with them. 

1  Promoting Yourself In The Digital Age - Sydney Morning Herald
"Young's top five tips for building your personal brand:
1. "LinkedIn is ‘Facebook for suits’ and it has four million Australian members. If you’re in business, you really should have a presence on Linkedin. Depending on what industry you’re in, you might want to be more active on the network, but as a minimum make sure your profile does you justice – include your photo and tell your story but not in a CV kind of way, write it with a bit of verve and personality."

2. Open an account on Twitter and get active. From his own experience, Young says: "Twitter has been incredible in building my network and opening my eyes to other people’s ideas. It helps you connect and build relationships with people who in all likelihood you would not get to meet in day-to-day real life."

3. Start a blog. Young believes that, in many instances, it should form the cornerstone of your online marketing efforts. "I’ve seen many examples where a blog has contributed to the success of a company through heightened profile and increased opportunities."

4. Consider becoming your own media channel. Young is referring to producing your own content and distribute it across the social web. This means blog posts, but also perhaps an e-book or whitepaper, videos or a podcast. "A lot will depend on your business and your area of expertise obviously, but the fact that today you can become your own media channel and share your ideas with the world for next to nothing dollar-wise, is an amazing opportunity."

5. For those in professional services, Young suggests checking out Slideshare. "Contribute a presentation or two that you can then embed on your blog and/or LinkedIn profile. Slideshare is a "quiet giant" of the social media world that is steadily building its community and growing in influence".  Promoting Yourself In The Digital Age

2  Online Pennies Start To Drop - Smartcompany 
"They are also getting insights into how cost-effective, flexible, measurable and convenient websites and online marketing are compared to their comparatively pricey and cumbersome traditional counterparts.

Better still, the costs of experimenting with these new online techniques is miniscule compared to similar experimentation with traditional media." Online pennies start to drop for Australian SMEs

Survey finds SMEs failing to put mobile on the menu - Smartcompany

"SMEs have been warned not to overlook the growing number of customers who use mobiles to access business' websites, following a new poll that found that less than 10% of restaurant owners have mobile-optimised websites..

The Melbourne-based business has released the findings of its latest Restaurant Website Visitor Report, which reviews all of the information from its customers' websites.
Data from March 2013 was compared with data from May 2012.
The report shows 29% of all traffic to restaurant websites comes from mobile devices, while Safari is the most popular browser – it makes up 50% of all browsers, up from 37%.
But according to the report, less than one in 10 businesses actually have a mobile-optimised site"  Survey finds SMEs failing to put mobile on the menu

Are You Keeping Up?

These are just a few of the dozens of articles and posts that I review every week. How will you keep on top of new developments you need to know?  One thing that is constant and that is that change is with us forever. Those businesses that will do well are those whose owners ensure that they have access to quality and targeted information that is useful to them and their business. We are past the point where finding information is the main use of the internet. Analyzing that information is critical. Knowing which information matters is useful and which is not is key. 
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