Thursday, April 18, 2013

Goodbye Yellow Pages Hello New Media

Businesses have stopped paying for big ads on Yellow Pages - but are not applying that money to new media.

There is a bunch of money they could be getting value from promoting their business online and offline in a way that is more active than they ever had with YP - and already finding in their budget. 

Bare minimum that business needs to do is:

1) monitoring reputation - what is being said about them online
2) cleaning up their websites so the look good and are on track for good (free/organic) search results and have fresh content since that is what impresses Google
3) their websites are usable on mobile devices
4) have claimed their free listings and built these out with useful information.

Has Your Business Been Hijacked?

Recently a local accountant was telling me of a client whose listing was claimed by a competitor and the number diverted to their own phone. 

Imagine that. 

Beyond these basic needs, there are many, many ways to enhance conversions and manage the business end of the marketing using technology and new ways of operating. 

What Else Is Important To Do To Generate Sales In This New Marketplace?

Some that come to mind - 

Radio ads for getting your message out to people when they are not sitting in front of a computer - and would never have thought to look for you anyway!  Radio just clicks with online marketing tools.

Ways to measure and track your inbound responses so you know where the sales are coming from

Visual improvements to your online and offline presentation - including good photographs, good styling of your product in the photographs and good styling and presentation of packaging, shop layout and presentation and image that does your products and service proud. (This is very rare to see!)

Copywriting to promote your business story and bring it to life and help with search results on Google. 

A strategy for using social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, YouTube etc for engaging in the social space. This is where people who know people who know you get to know your business, like your business and then trust your business. 

That's so valuable. And you can't buy that. 

Need help? Give me a call. 

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