Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Business Beyond Social Media

The importance of social media and being online for business is clear. But it doesn't replace other aspects of business that need to be carried out. Other functions in the business need to work well to support the efforts being made online to promote the business.

Perhaps that starts with setting good goals for the business owner as well as the business itself. Because we are complex multi-dimensional people and not just all business.

Here are some business articles from my Actionbites blog. For businesses in the Newcastle and Hunter regions it can be tough to break out of the walls around us. Many businesses don't give us credit for being able to provide as good as they might buy from Sydney, but the reality we have some excellent people in Newcastle and the Hunter doing remarkable work and much more easily accessible.

Perhaps you can use that thought to open up more potential to expand the reach of your business as you read these articles.

Why 'Actionbites'? On this blog I want people to take action from the articles I write. The 'bites' are things that can be used as a catalyst to take action, and the article should give some direction on the 'How' to do so.

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