Monday, January 20, 2014

The Bombay Bicycle Club Adelaide Feeling The Heat From Customers

One thing I don't recommend on your social media platforms, is whingeing about business issues that are yours to worry about, not for your customers to have to witness.

Here's the story on one restaurant whose owners thought complaining about penalty rates to customers, via social media would be clever as reported by business website Smartcompany Adelaide restaurant firebombed on social media after posting about penalty rates.

Seriously, that's never going to win  you any friends. Customers don't need to know about your business management issues.  Besides which, promoting the highly expensive renovations you just undertook, then complaining about the occasional extra money that the employees who have some relationship with your customers make is really poor manners.

Your customers might be working in hospitality at some other place when they are not paying your wages.

Here are some comments posted on their Facebook wall, that are indicative.

Is all publicity good publicity? Maybe not. These things have a way of taking on a life of their own.

And if you think your business is "safe" by not being active online, guess again. People can be reviewing your business like this whether you are active online or not. If you're smart ... you'll make sure you are monitoring your reputation and online presence. 

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