Monday, January 13, 2014

Get Content Written For Your Web Needs

Every business now needs to be publishing regular content online that showcases the business, is interesting for readers and can grab the attention.

This is just one of those 'doing business' activities that is now mainstream and undeniable. 

But not everyone has the capacity to do this in-house. 

If you don't have a marketing department or you don't have employees that have been trained to understand the online world and social media marketing and inbound marketing, then you can get help with this aspect of your business marketing. 

I have some limited places for businesses that need help in producing quality content for the website, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, blogs, or for printing. 

  • Graphic banners 
  • Tailored quotation images
  • Copy writing for the internet: 
  • Blog posts 
  • Articles 
  • Downloadable publications. 

Your message needs to be visually appealing and consistent. 

If you would like assistance with this you can contact me on 0403 365 855 or find me on @lindyasimus 

Get your story out there working for you. 

Lindy Asimus 

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