Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interesting Technology Stories This Week

Some interesting tech stories out this week. Take a peek.

These Tiny Keyboards Could Reinvent The Smartwatch Interface

"Minuum simplifies the traditional QWERTY layout by smashing it down to about the third the size a typical soft keyboard requires. Doing this on a smartwatch, for example, leaves more room for other on-screen elements." 
 Read the full story on this here

Google Glass Gets A Fresh Design

Isabelle Olsson makes the face computer into a thing of beauty.  She talks here with Fast Company about the inspiration behind the fashion-forward redesign that lets you blend in with the crowd.

Read the full story here 

How 7 People Test 400 Million Pounds Of Starbucks Coffee A Year

"After filling hundreds of juice glasses with carefully measured grounds and almost-boiling water, tasters form a line with spoons in-hand, smelling each cup, then slurping, swishing, and spitting a spoonful of coffee for each with mechanized efficiency. They’re confirming whether the beans will end their life as house blend, espresso, or even a Starbucks reserve. For the most part, these decisions have been predetermined by global operations and earlier tastings in Switzerland. But in this room, on this day, the team is the last line of defense."

Read the full story here 

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