Sunday, January 19, 2014

David Jones & Myer Online Update

Back in June I posted about a blog that Emma Alberici wrote on The Drum. You can find it here. 

So we have just finished the Christmas sale season and so what's happened in the past half a year on the department store front?

Not much. Yay!! DJ's has an online store. Myer has an online store. It has mostly not worked but from a company - two companies that didn't bother making convenience a priority for customers and had no  shopping available on their website for the previous ten years I guess that's progress of a sort. Myer CEO you might remember gained much attention from the press and on social media when he made comments about the disabled - you can find his golden moment on that regaled here.

But how is that working in practice? Thanks to a headsup from Paul Wallbank, here's a good rundown on that side of the experience, from Tim Burrowes at Mumbrella with the catchy title that pretty much sums it up Australia’s ongoing online retail fiasco

 The good side in all of this is that if you have a business on Main Street, you can do a better job than the large stores.  You can compete - and you must. Eventually, these large companies will get a clue about how to do stuff online. Or the American stores that are setting up in Australia will.

Now is the time to get your business working this space effectively to grow sales for your business and grow your profits.

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